Our Chapter

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The nearly 100 Brothers of Phi Delta Theta at Chapman University represent a diverse
collection of backgrounds and ideas unified in the singular goal of achieving the greatest versions of themselves.

“Through consistent focus on building cohesive a fraternity members of Phi Delta Theta at Chapman University rely on the experience and wisdom of their Brothers to achieve success in their schoolwork, careers, and involvement within the University community.”

-Spencer Burmester, Chapter President



Our members are active in key roles in many Chapman organizations including: SGA, CARES, Relay for Life, Orientation Leaders, Chapman Republicans, Toastmasters, BSU, Snow Club, NSLS, Delta Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, IFC, Improv, Sound Check, Chapman Radio, Chapman Athletics, and many others.




The first Cardinal Principle, Friendship, is directed at initiating members from all paths of life into a common brotherhood. Unlikely friendships are built through our Phikeia process and the further bonding events hosted by the chapter. Members are guaranteed to come out of their college experience with something all too lacking these days: a Brotherhood for life.


Sound Learning

The second Cardinal Principle refers to the academic excellence expected from our members. We push members to dedicate themselves in maintaining their scholarly and professional achievement while also supporting those who struggle on their college paths. The Chapter dedicates its officers to provide committees, campus involvement opportunities, one-on-one study planning, dues-incentives, networking events, and other programs to help Brothers achieve their collegiate goals. Our chapter-wide GPA average is 3.18.


Moral Rectitude

The final Cardinal Principle holds all Phi Delta Theta members accountable to their actions and their beliefs. It dictates all men of our fraternity to remain upstanding, moral individuals, pursuant of the betterment of themselves and the world around them. Members are vocal leaders in campus organizations and community service projects. We also host an annual philanthropy gala and Phi-lanthropy Week, our opportunities to put a personal mark on our service.